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BrandQi Framework

At Researchcraft we’ve spent decades working with brands and refining our understanding of what makes some more successful than others.

And guess what?

There isn’t one magic recipe, but there are some key ingredients that are strongly linked to long term brand success.

Our BrandQi Framework ensures our clients understand how well their brand is developing on the critical success factors that matter most.

Whether you need to review your brand strategy, track your brand’s progress or evaluate specific parts of your marketing mix our BrandQi Framework ensures you understand all of the implications for your brand’s longer term development.

Whilst our BrandQi Framework metrics give you the re-assurance that you are seeing the big picture, the detail behind it is what gives you the power to make better decisions.

Shaped around your brand and sector, our customised approach ensures you have deeper insights about your competitive strengths and weaknesses on criteria that are meaningful and relevant for YOUR brand.

This is the raw material for making the kind of well-informed decisions that will give your brand the edge.

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In so many buying situations potential purchasers are confronted with multiple brands to choose from. Ultimately the choice of brand will often come down to one or a small number of brands that are already ‘mentally available’ to the purchaser. Brands that have stuck in their mind and are considered potentially relevant for the purchase being made...

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No matter how much someone wants to buy your brand, if it’s too hard to find, buy or use when they need it then the opportunity may be gone. They may well resort to an expedient alternative, even if it’s not their ideal choice...

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Any marketer knows it is not always easy to find new customers, so when we do find them we want to give them an experience that lives up to their expectations and makes them want to use our brand again and again...

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No matter how salient and accessible your brand is to someone, if they do not believe it is able to meet a rational or emotional need that is relevant to them they are unlikely to buy it.

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Our brains have to make so many decisions every day that we rely heavily on our right brain to cope, including decisions about brands (defined by Kahneman as the “System 1” mode of thought). This means that much of the time we make rapid, unconscious decisions based on emotion, feelings and instinct...

Explore Emotion


In a world where differentiation on the basis of truly unique product features or tangible benefits can be hard or even impossible to sustain, building a brand with a distinctive identity can make all the difference. Today’s consumers are increasingly invested in brands that align with their values, their beliefs or how they wish to project themselves to the outside world...

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experience promise emotion identity salience accessibility

Transforming Your Understanding of Brands

  • Knowing your decisions are based on a comprehensive set of factors that define brand success via our “brand model”
  • Giving you a competitive edge by shaping what we do around your brand and sector, instead of relying purely on the standardised techniques available to any of your rivals
  • Delivered by brand experts skilled in extracting the key insights and implications from your data, so you can focus on making decisions and implementing them.
  • Reporting shaped around your organisational needs. Easy to access insights and analysis when, where and how you want it.

Understand Your Brand