GDPR – Researchcraft Ready and in good shape

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On 25th May 2018 GDPR came into force across the EU and EEA. Here are some of the main things that we have been doing at Researchcraft to ensure that we are ready for the new regulations and remain compliant.


  • Completed a data protection audit
  • Created a data protection team
  • Created a privacy email for all data protection related comms
  • Updated our privacy policy
  • Created a new access request policy
  • Updated the consent process on our website
  • Reviewed/updated all other policies to ensure they are GDPR compliant (including Information & security policy and BCP)
  • Set up new contracts with all employees
  • Given GDPR training to all employees (updated annually)
  • Set up new agreements with all suppliers/ sub-processors
  • Screened and updated our marketing database for consent to contact for marketing purposes
  • Created a breach register
  • Updated our standard terms and conditions of contract
  • Mandated the inclusion of a data management plan (DMP) in every project proposal/ Job confirmation
  • Reviewed the file sharing procedures and platforms that we use


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