Here are some frequently asked questions prospective clients often want answers to.  If we haven’t answered your query here please fill in the contact form and we will respond to your question as quickly as possible.

What countries can Researchcraft offer market research services in?

We are based in the UK, but have decades of experience in conducting research for clients across the globe, gained across more than 40 markets and 6 continents. We have many global and local research partners throughout the world who we work closely with to help cover whatever geo-graphical footprint is needed by our clients. Multi-country research comes with a unique set of challenges and we are well versed in how to approach these. Research is much more difficult in some markets than others, but we will always use our expertise and creativity to find the best solution.

Do you provide fieldwork only services?

Yes, and no. If you already have a questionnaire and just need some raw data or tables back from a quantitative survey, you’ll probably find it more cost-effective to deal directly with a fieldwork company. If you need any design input on your survey or specialist research skills that you don’t have in house, then we will well be able to help.

Do you provide qualitative or quantitative research?

We select and evaluate the methods that are most appropriate to the needs of each project. This includes qualitative (such as group discussions, depth interviews, co-creation workshops and accompanied shops), quantitative (such as face-to-face, phone, online, diaries or self-completion), observational techniques, analysis of existing data sets and secondary research where relevant.

How much does it cost to do a market research survey?

This depends entirely on what you need to do. For example, who you need to interview, how many of them, what method and how much detail is required will affect cost. Realistically the minimum cost for a survey will be several thousand pounds.

I need help with designing a survey that I want to run in-house. Do you provide design advice to clients?

Thanks to the proliferation of DIY online research tools it is a lot easier to run a survey with your own customers in-house. Sometimes we provide research design services to clients on a consultancy basis charged on the amount of work required, including survey design, questionnaire design, sampling design etc.

I have some existing data and need help analysing it. Is this something you can help with?

Sometimes we are asked to help analyse data that clients already hold about their customers, or even join it up with data we are already collecting for them via a customer survey. Sometimes we also help clients re-analyse data from an old survey to provide fresh insight.